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The practice is extremely busy at this time, with huge demand for appointments and hundreds of calls regarding vaccination – we would ask you to read all of the information below before contacting the practice, as most of your queries may be answered here.

  • We are currently concluding vaccinations for all patients Over 70, with second doses scheduled over the coming weeks. If you are Over 70, are a current, registered patient of the practice and have not received your vaccination, please contact us


  • All patients between the ages of 60 and 69 years will be vaccinated in HSE vaccination centres, and not in General Practice. This applies to all patients in this age group, regardless of medical conditions or risk category. You can register online for your vaccination appointment or call the HSE at (Tel) 1850 24 1850. This is a HSE decision, and we will not receive vaccines for anyone in this age category.

  • We have been asked by the HSE to assist the hospitals in vaccinating patients aged 18-59 years, who fall into Cohort 4 (Very High Risk, as per HSE criteria) and Cohort 7 (High Risk, as per HSE criteria). If you are a current, registered patient of the practice and you believe that you fall into Cohort 4 or Cohort 7, please complete the Contact Form below in full, so that we can confirm if you fulfil the criteria for vaccination here at the practice. We have limited capacity available for these Cohort 4 and Cohort 7 vaccinations – if you are offered a vaccination in the hospital or another setting, please accept it.

  • Please note that we cannot offer vaccines to anyone in the 60-69 years age group, as per the HSE criteria. This is a HSE decision and applies regardless of any medical conditions or risk factors. If you wish to receive a Covid-19 vaccine, please follow the advice for your age group, and register online or telephone the HSE to get your vaccine appointment. Your GP cannot offer you an alternative vaccine if you are in this age group, regardless of medical condition or risk category. There is no requirement to have a GP letter / GP input to have your vaccination in the HSE centre. You can see information on all vaccinations here on the HSE website and you can discuss any other queries you may have with your vaccinator.


  • All other patients who are under 70 years of age, and who do not fall into Cohort 4 or Cohort 7 will be vaccinated by the HSE in large / mass vaccination centres over the coming weeks and months. You will be invited to register based on your age group. Please keep an eye on the HSE website and in national media for information about registering for your vaccination or contact the HSE at 1850 24 1850.


We have no further information about the HSE vaccination programme, outside of what is referenced above. If you need more information, please see the HSE website or call HSE Live on 1850 24 1850

If you believe that you meet the clinical/medical criteria for the COVID-19 vaccine in Cohort 4 or Cohort 7, please click the form below to outline your details.

By submitting this form, you are giving your consent for the practice to contact you by text in relation to your enquiry.

Thank you!

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